2011 ∙ Together with María García, she organizes the exhibition Develando el mundo de Luis Buñuel, Fundación Héctor García, Mexico City.

2010 ∙ Founding of the library Esto es gallo, which conserves the book collection of the late painter Alberto Gironella, in Mexico City’s El Aire Centro de Arte.

2008 ∙ Reinterpretation of the engravings found in the time capsule placed in the cathedral’s western tower in 1791.

2005 ∙ She participates in the creation of the Centro Ecuménico para la Conservación y Promoción del Patrimonio Artístico Virreinal, Instituto Manuel Toussaint, located in the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, Mexico City.

2002 ∙ Design of the large banner bearing the image of Saint Juan Diego, the flower arches and the brocade on the stoles used in the canonization ceremony for Juan Diego and the Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala in Mexico City’s Basílica de Guadalupe, presided over by Pope John Paul II.

2000 ∙ Donation of an altar to the Virgin of Guadalupe to the Tzetzal community in Chiapas.

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